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PV Solar Terminal Blocks for PV Applications

elmex wide range of Terminal Blocks for conductor size ranging from 2.5 to 95 mm² are tested and approved for 1000V DC / 1500V DC and are suitable for use in Solar Photovoltaic Systems. Electrical ratings of these terminal blocks are given below. These terminal blocks have conductor termination by screw-clamp technology or by screwless (spring clamp technology)

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Description Specification
KUT 2.5N 1000V DC/24 A/2.5 mm²/0.5 Nm
KUT 4N 1000V DC/32 A/4 mm²/0.6 Nm
KUT 6N 1000V DC/41 A/6 mm²/0.8 Nm
KUT 10N 1000V DC/63 A/10 mm²/1.2 Nm
KUT 25 1000V DC/101 A/25 mm²/2.3 Nm
KUT35 1000V DC/125 A/35 mm²/3 Nm
KUT 50 1000V DC/150 A/50 mm²/8 Nm
KUT 95 1000V DC/232 A/95 mm²/20 Nm
DST 2.5 1000V DC/24 A/2.5 mm²
DST 2.5 1x2 1000V DC/24 A/2.5 mm²
DST 4 1000V DC/32 A/4 mm²
DST 6 1000V DC/41 A/6 mm²
DST 10 1000V DC/57 A/10 mm²
DST 16 1000V DC/76 A/16 mm²
SCT 2.5 1000V DC/24 A/2.5 mm²
SCT 4 1000V DC/32 A/4 mm²
MCT 2.5 1000V DC/24 A/2.5 mm²
MCT 2.5P4 1000V DC/24 A/2.5 mm²
MCT 4 1000V DC/32 A/4 mm²
DCT 2.5 1x2 1000V DC/24 A/2.5 mm²
DCT 2.5 2x2 1000V DC/24 A/2.5 mm²