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Vertical Air Termination Rods / Lightning Arresters

Vertical Air Terminal Rods, also known as Franklin Rods confirming to IS/IEC 62305-3 are designed to protect structures, exposed equipment (Solar PV System, Towers etc.) from Direct Lightning Strikes. They are made-up of Copper Bonded/Stainless Steel Solid Rods. For Better Contact with the Down/Interconnecting Conductors, Pressed Terminals are provided. It Comes with Nylon Insulated Base which provide proper Insulation and Separation with the supporting structure.

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Copper Bonded Vertical Air Termination Rods with Tinned Tip provides Oxidation free striking area

UV Treated Nylon Insulated Base for better isolation and longer life

Pressed Area for interconnection or connecting down conductors

Readymade Lightning Arrester Extender for ease of extension (Optional)

Technical Specifications

Specifications Single Spike LA Multi Spike LA
Complied To IS/IEC 62305-3:2010, 
IEC 62561-2:2018
Vertical Air Termination Rod
Base Material/Material Low Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Base Coating Material Nickel
Coating Material 99.9% Pure Electrolytic Grade Copper Anode 
(Mitsubishi Luvata Japan)
Coating Thickness 250/100 Microns (avg.) -
Diameter 16mm 20mm 18mm
Available Length 1m, 2m 1m
No Of Spikes 1 4 4
Tin Coating on Spikes 10 microns (avg.) -
Insulated Base
Material Nylon
Length x Width x Height 100mm x 100mm x 15mm