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Excel Electrafill – Electronically Charged Minerals

Electrafill (Carbon Based) Earth Enhancing Compound is a conductive material that improves earthing effectiveness, especially in areas of poor conductivity (rocky ground, areas of moisture variation, sandy soils etc.) by enhancing its absorption power and increasing its richness with charge carrying ions.

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Highly Advantageous in low voltage application

Preferred in areas where hard Rock, or where the soil resistivity is high

Minimal Seasonal Variations

Does not contain any hazardous substances

Increases the Lifespan of the earthing system

Technical Specifications

Specifications Details
Physical state Powder & Granules
Colour Black
Packaging size 10Kg, 20Kg,25Kg
Packaging Type Bag
Soil Condition Any Soil Condition
Anti-corrosive Yes
Maintenance Required Minimal
Environmental Friendly Yes
Life span More than 25 years*

*Depends on the soil conditions