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Excel Earthing Compound – A Fertiliser For Electrical Earthing

Excel Earthing Compound is a mixture of minerals having the character of reducing the soil resistivity with absorbing & retaining moisture for longer periods by providing continuous resistance against corrossion. It maintains constant soil resistance and minimises seasonal variations for the better working life of the grounding system, improving conductivity of the earth electrode and ground contact area throughout its lifetime.

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Improves the Electrical Conductivity of the Soil

Excellent Moisture Absorption and Retaining Capacity

Enriches the Charge Carrying Ions in the soil

Non-Corrosive to Earth Electrodes

Technical Specifications

Specifications Details
Physical state Powder
Colour Brown
Packaging size 10kg, 25Kg, 40Kg
Packaging Type Bag
Preferable Soil Condition Normal Soil
Anti-corrosive Yes
Maintenance Required Less
Environmental Friendly Yes
Life span More than 25 years*

*Depends on the soil conditions