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Extendable Copper Bonded Rod

Deep Driven Rods are preferred where the soil resistivity decreases with depth. These rods help to reach stable grounds, such that the value of the electrode resistance remains stable even if the top layers of the ground dry out. As per customer requirement Extendable Copper Bonded Rods with internal threads or external coupler can be provided.

IS 3043:2018 Code of Practice for Earthing Clause No: 13.4 and 14.2.2

IEC 62561-2:2018 Requirements for Conductors and Earth Electrodes Clause No: 4.4.3

7 Nos. of Cast Iron Plate 1.2m x 1.2m x 12.5mm for a fault current of 7.87kA in 100ohm-m soil resistivity can be reduced to 5 Nos. of Extendable Copper Bonded Rod 40mm dia. 6mtr Long /7 Nos. of 32mm dia. 6mtr Long. Extendable Copper Bonded Rods are used for Transformer Neutral and Body Earthing reducing the overall cost and area required for installation in a more efficient manner.

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Fast Dissipation of Fault Current

Solution for a Stable and long-lasting Earth Performance

Remedy for earthing in space constrained areas

Good Corrosion Resistance than Cast Iron/ Hot Dip GI Electrodes

Low resistance to earth on comparison with plate electrodes

Technical Specifications

Specifications Details
Base Material Low Carbon Steel
Base Coating Material Nickel
Coating Material 99.9% Pure Electrolytic Grade Copper Anode 
(Mitsubishi Luvata Japan)
Available Coating Thickness 250/100 Microns (Avg.)
Available Diameter(mm) 16,17.2,20,25,32,40,50
Available Length(m) 4mtr, 5mtr, 6mtr, 9mtr & above
V Strip Dimension (optional) 50mm x 5mm x 150mm Long
T-Strip Dimension (optional) 32mm x 5mm x 150mm Long
Connectors SS 304 Grade Nut Bolts