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Copper Bonded Rod

99.95% pure Electrolytic Grade Copper is Molecularly Bonded to Nickel-Sealed Low Carbon Steel Core having High Tensile Strength. Nickel Sealing is done for good Adhesion and Copper Coating will not crack when bent or driven. No part of steel is Exposed since Copper Coating is done after all Fabrication. The standard copper coating thickness is 250/100 microns.

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Superior Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal Properties (IEEE 837).

Fast Dissipation of Fault Current.

No joints beneath the soil as in Plate Electrodes.

Good Corrosion Resistance than Cast Iron/ Hot Dip GI Electrodes.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Details
Base Material Low Carbon Steel
Base Coating Material Nickel
Coating Material 99.9% Pure Electrolytic Grade Copper Anode 
(Mitsubishi Luvata Japan)
Available Coating Thickness 250/100 Microns (avg.)
Available Diameter(mm) 14.2,16,17.2,20,25,32,40,50
Available Length(m) 1.2 to 3.0
V Strip Dimension (optional) 50mm x 5mm x 150mm Long
T-Strip Dimension (optional) 32mm x 5mm x 150mm Long
Connectors SS 304 Grade Nut Bolts