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Rigid PVC Electric Conduits

BALCO ® rigid electric conduits are manufactured in virgin PVC which makes it strong to withstand any amount of pressure and heat. The properties in BALCO ® rigid PVC electric conduits are so unique that it is non-flammable in nature, also the flexibility of our electrical conduit is an added advantage by helping in reducing the additional expenses of using fittings. Safety is the ruling factor when it comes to electrical wiring, fittings like bend, elbow and fixtures. BALCO ® rigid electric conduits stand out in the market for our exceptional quality and durability.

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Non-conductor of electricity

High mechanical strength for covered and open applications

Non-destructive in nature and resistant to chemical and galvanic erosion.

First of its kind to have ISI certification in Kerala.

Quality Analysis


Durability of Marking

Wall Thickness

Impact Test

Compression Test

Collapse Test

Electric Strength

Insulation Resistance

Resistance to Heat

Resistance to Burn

Bending in Room Temperature

Bending at -5 degree Celsius, Temperature

Dimensions using Gauges ( Inside Gauge and Outside Gauge )